Loz's Leamington Lamentations (12/11/2012)

I'm not quite sure what disappointed me the most, the fact that it took me 48mins to cover 6 miles, I was face down in the mud every time I jumped the 'mud pit' or the realisation we hadn't finished with a B team score.

It's clear that work and family commitments are a big factor on who turns out, especially on a Saturday afternoon, I'm sure the two universities don't have such problems.

Anyway, to the race itself. The organisers, after last years bottlenecks decided to revert to the original route of the course, slightly altering the start. This however produced more problems to those at the middle/back who got stuck at the second bend with yes, you guessed it - a bottleneck! 400 metres or so later the mud or water jump caused more hold ups with runners having to decide to go right or left thus runners behind going through the middle and coming to a dead stop.

The next obstacle being the telephone mast 'hill' which produced it's own fun, not sure what's best up or down. Probably up at least you can walk as I did on the third lap (Sorry). The downhill is interesting with a sharp left hander and a fast straight which leads to the next lap.

Phil Nicholls won the race overall, with support from Matt Grainger (23rd), Dan Beier (26th), Ian Williams (68th), Mike Buntin (102nd), and Nev Watson (103rd).

The nearly B-Team was: Sean Barnsley (112nd), Dean Hill (123rd), Chris Fullerton (135th), Ray Stanier (216th) and a slow finishing Loz Heathcock (248th).

The two uni's; Loughboro (79) and Brum (84) are off to a flyer with Coventry and BRAT, 3rd and 4th. Tipton are down in 5th with 323 points.

Whatever your thoughts, the saying goes 'in it to win it' and so we must remain positive.

And as for the fat lady? she aint singing yet.

Loz Heathcock