White's Way (29/04/2018)

Congratulations to Richard White on his PB performance in Dusseldorf with 2h 32m 34s an improvement of over 5 minutes. When we looked up Richard's efforts on the race site we could not trace him as that time was credited to another name but as he explains:

"I was in 41st place (3rd/4th M35) & yeah they've credited it to some random Dutch guy...here's a picture, I photobombed the 2nd lady's 5 mins of fame, the plasters covering my nipples fell off mid-race (it hammered it down with rain for most of it) so it's too gruesome for the site - but it proves I was 3590 and I've given it to the timers too"

This has now been sorted and Richard correctly given his performance & placing. Only his nationality to get right now! Perhaps he should be known as the Flying Dutchman!

Tipton Richard White 2018 Dussedorf Marathon 2666050060