Gavin Tipper 5Km (28/06/2018)

On 21st June the latest edition of the GT5Km took place. Tipton had an incredible 45 members in action. Well done everyone.

Pos Name     Cat   Finish Time
2nd Stephen Corbishley M 2nd SEN 2nd 00:16:29
6th James Booker M 6th SEN 6th 00:17:58
10th Paul Rogers M 10th V50 1st 00:18:22
11th Tom Acha M 11th SEN 10th 00:18:34
14th Haydn Watson M 14th U16 1st 00:18:55
18th Susana Davies F 1st SEN 1st 00:19:14
19th ANDREW Henderson M 18th V50 2nd 00:19:22
22nd Stephen Prole M 21st V50 3rd 00:19:59
23rd Stephen Hogan M 22nd SEN 17th 00:20:12
25th mark Fantom M 24th V40 2nd 00:20:19
26th Alex Westbury F 2nd SEN 2nd 00:20:23
27th Bethany Walker F 3rd SEN 3rd 00:20:28
31st Benjamin Ferguson M 28th U16 3rd 00:20:51
33rd Larna Marie Partridge F 4th SEN 4th 00:20:57
35th Jade Charlton F 5th U16 1st 00:21:04
36th Craig Woodward M 31st SEN 22nd 00:21:09
42nd Cameron Lomax M 37th U16 5th 00:21:33
47th Mark Andrew Whincup M 42nd V40 7th 00:21:46
48th Rosa Shadforth-groucutt F 6th U16 2nd 00:22:03
51st PENELOPE Jane Barber F 9th V50 1st 00:22:10
52nd Grace Marnell F 10th U16 3rd 00:22:14
53rd Mya Woodward F 11th U16 4th 00:22:16
55th Jessie Walker F 12th U16 5th 00:22:16
57th Isobel Margaret Eagle F 14th U16 7th 00:22:17
61st Paul Henry Walker M 46th V40 10th 00:22:43
62nd Paul Dolan M 47th V40 11th 00:22:43
64th Victoria Charlton F 17th V40 1st 00:22:59
65th Michael James Marnell M 48th V40 12th 00:23:02
66th Katie Bevan F 18th U16 9th 00:23:03
68th Sophie Brookes F 19th U16 10th 00:23:10
69th andrew Bentley M 50th V40 14th 00:23:13
72nd Darren Mason M 53rd V50 5th 00:23:17
74th Karl Lewis M 54th V50 6th 00:23:20
77th Joseph Lewis M 57th U16 9th 00:23:41
86th Christian Lomax M 64th SEN 25th 00:24:03
93rd Bella Fantom F 23rd U16 11th 00:24:34
94th Sarah Henderson F 24th SEN 11th 00:24:38
95th Sam Hale F 25th V50 2nd 00:24:40
98th Carl Anthony Gayle M 72nd V40 19th 00:24:45
125th Sarah Walker F 39th SEN 17th 00:26:43
129th Sian Reynolds F 42nd SEN 19th 00:26:49
138th Elizabeth Anne Groucutt F 47th SEN 20th 00:27:14
139th Tracey O'donoghue F 48th SEN 21st 00:27:15
187th tina michelle Edwards F 80th V40 28th 00:31:22
188th sarah Dolan F 81st V40 29th 00:31:23