National Road Relays - Ron Bentley Tribute (31/03/2019)

Updated 02/04/2019

We have agreed with the ERRA that instead of a minutes "silence" a minutes "applause" will be held before the start. This will now take place at 11.55. We feel this is sensible change and reflects a celebration of Ron's life and the event he loved. It is easier also to initiate and control on the day than a "silence".


The ERRA (English Road Running Association) will hold a moment of celebration before the start of the 2019 Men's National 12 Stage Road Relay on Saturday 6th April at 11.55 to remember the life of Ron Bentley who died recently.

Ron was not only a major part of Tipton Harriers twelve stage teams but one of many characters that made the National 12 stage day so very special through the 1970's, 80's, 90's and 00's.

He was one man the likes of Brendan Foster, Basil Heatley, Ron Hill, Bill Adcocks, Stan Long, Dave Moorcroft, Jimmy Alder and other athletes and managers would look forward to meeting again. His friendliness and support for all athletes and clubs around the course was renowned. You often heard him first and then saw him, along with a gaggle of Tipton Harriers and their supporters following in his wake. Please assemble by the start line in advance of 11.55.