Gavin Tipper 5Km (22/06/2019)

The 2019 Gavin Tipper 5Km run, staged by our neighbours in Kingswinford, DKRC, was held on Thursday (20/06/2019) and saw a large Tipton contingent out. Sadly not everyone appears to have "Tipton Harriers" down as a club so the following is/may be incomplete. We list the top 20 placed Tiptonites.

Stephen Corbishley was first in the race with 16m 26s (Chip Time) and young Tom Bentley, after a few races within the past few days, was 3rd with 17m 29s. Tom Brown was 4th (17m 38s); James Booker 5th (17m 46s); Dan Lewis 6th (17m 56s); Cameron Lomax 9th (18m 24s); Andrew Prole 11th (19m 06s); Klay Fellows 15th (19m 43s); Karl Fletcher 16th (19m 46s); Bethany Walker 17th (19m 48s); Rebecca Turton 18th (19m 56s); Ben Ferguson 19th (19m 57s); Andy Henderson 20th (19m 59s).

Ful Results