Carter Track 10Km PB @ Highgate (07/07/2019)

Jon Carter (M35) was down in London at the 2019 Highgate Night of 10,000m staged at the Parliament Hill Fields track near Hampstead Heath on 06/07/2019.

Jon was in the second 10Km race of the afternoon. Watched by some other members of Tipton Harriers, past & present, who hade made the journey south including Rich Carpenter, Tony Milovsorov, Bud Baldaro, Mike Hager & Chris Holloway encouraging him on he improved his PB to under 32m with 31m 42.35s placing 17th in the race. His previous best had been 32m 06.01s. Former member Mick Hill was also in action for Leeds.

This event was a showcase for the 25 lap event with a number of races graded for ability, as well as the elite European Challenge team events and World Trials. There were nine (six male and three female) races over 10Km preceded by an inter schools/club event for young athletes.

It was held in mainly good weather for all bar the last race which was run in light rain. A large crowd attended and got up really close to the action from all angles. You are allowed to view from inside the track and on the track as the event uses only the first three lanes on the straights. Exciting races were witnessed in a manic atmosphere of cowbells, cheering fans and tracking pace lights.

Innovation is the name of the game and the Highgate Harriers club are to be commended for their creativity. Large screens broadcast the event "live" so you see what was going on as being at trackside does not give you the overview of a banked stand or high viewing point.

Food & drink stalls are on hand for the whole event along with trade and athletics promotional stands. Many famous runners are to be seen and they stage a Q & A session with some of those present. Well worth a visit. An opportunity for a weekend away, a relaxed atmosphere with good racing and some reunions.

BBC Footage (Limited Period)