Loz Writes... (19/10/2019)

After a security event led to the Birmingham Half Marathon being shortened just as the race was about to start, Loz Heathcock gives us hi thoughts,

This is an event I keep coming back to, even though the course seems to change, year on year. Anyway, less of the negativity. 

The day started well enough, although raining. I managed to get a lift off a neighbour, who dropped me right near the baggage buses. 
I found my start pen, and with roughly 90 minutes to kill I went to Macceys for a double cheeseburger, only joking, a cup of tea....
Got organised, and dropped my kit off at the bus, no problem.... 
I managed to get near the front of the start with the Tipton contingent, so nerves began to settle.
The start. There was a delay. It came over the tannoy, the race had been cut to 12 miles due to flooding in the park. 
Ok, no problem, let's race. 
First mile to fast, second mile to slow, finally settled down. Went through 10 in 65, up to the city centre, and the finish. The total distance was 11mile plus change..... Finished with just inside 72minutes, not a disaster. 
It turned out, a suspicious car parked around the park had given WM Police no choice but to close down the area..... 
In the end, no complaints from me, it was the right call in difficult circumstances. 
A good solid run, no injuries, no problem. 
Back again next year?