National 12 Stage - Tipton "A" Team Performance (2001-2015)

Here are the historical results since the year 2001 for the Tipton Harriers 'A' team in the National 12 Stage Road Relays (including 2014) :-

National 12 Stage 2001 2002
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Stuart Hall 26m 30s Ian Mitchell 26m 23s
2 S Kevin Shepherd 14m 54s Alex Oldfield 15m 13s
3 L Matthew Smith 26m 19s Dan Rowan 27m 09s
4 S Sean Fenwick 15m 03s Kevin Lamb 15m 16s
5 L Simon Cotton 27m 08s Tony Graham 27m 22s
6 S Neil Caddy 15m 02s Kevin Shepherd 14m 35s
7 L Nick Jones 26m 44s Dan Robinson 26m 28s
8 S Seb Shepley 15m 17s Paul Moore 15m 11s
9 L Dan Rowan 26m 48s Stuart Hall 26m 43s
10 S Mick Hill 14m 40s Bryan Mills 15m 08s
11 L Nigel Stirk 27m 31s Sean Fenwick 27m 45s
12 S Danny Gibbons 14m 31s Aaron Keene 15m 32s
  Total  4h 10m 27s Total  4h 12m 45s
  Position  1 Position  4



National 12 Stage 2003 2004
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Ian Mitchell 26m 29s Matt Shaw 26m 34s
2 S Mike Buntin 15m 04s Mark Wright 15m 45s
3 L Matt Shaw 28m 04s Ian Mitchell 26m 03s
4 S Phil Nicholls 14m 47s Phil Nicholls 14m 21s
5 L Mark Morgan 26m 48s Nigel Stirk 27m 39s
6 S Martin Williams 15m 20s Paul Evans 15m 47s
7 L Dan Robinson 26m 07s Aaron Keene 29m 04s
8 S Paul Moore 15m 10s Bryan Mills 16m 26s
9 L Nick Jones 26m 46s Paul Rogers 29m 01s
10 S Simon Cotton 14m 50s Malcolm Eustace 16m 45s
11 L Stuart Hall 27m 04s Mike Hager 29m 12s
12 S Nigel Stirk 14m 33s John Sheppard 16m 19s
  Total 4h 11m 02s  Total 4h 22m 56s
  Position 2 Position 9


National 12 Stage 2005 2006
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Nigel Stirk 26m 53s Neil Burton 27m 19s
2 S Pat Kavanagh 15m 36s Tom Holden 15m 19s
3 L Martin Williams 26m 57s Luke Northall 28m 33s
4 S Phil Nicholls 14m 21s Joe Holden 15m 31s
5 L Luke Northall 28m 23s Phil Hinch 26m 57s
6 S Mike Buntin 15m 14s Mike Buntin 15m 28s
7 L Matt Lockett 28m 21s Martin Williams 27m 15s
8 S Simon Murcott 15m 49s Mike Hager 15m 49s
9 L Seb Shepley 29m 16s Phil Nicholls 27m 33s
10 S Mike Hager 15m 41s Mark Wright 16m 07s
11 L Pete Edmondson 28m 47s Pat Kavanagh 28m 30s
12 S Tom Holden 15m 24s Aaron Keene 15m 36s
  Total  4h 20m 42s Total 4h 19m 57s
  Position 11 Position 8


National 12 Stage 2007 2008
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Martin Williams 26m 24s Nigel Stirk 28m 47s
2 S Steve Marriott 15m 05s John Millington 14m 55s
3 L Phil Hinch 27m 07s Phil Hinch 28m 14s
4 S Luke Northall 15m 19s Mark Dalkins 14m 52s
5 L Phil Nicholls 25m 52s Martin Williams 26m 40s
6 S Mike Holden 15m 35s Dan Cotterill 15m 06s
7 L Dan Beier 27m 58s Phil Nicholls 25m 58s
8 S Simon Murcott 15m 40s Neil Burton 15m 37s
9 L Nigel Stirk 28m 01s Ian Williams 27m 58s
10 S Pat Kavanagh 15m 31s Tom Holden 15m 26s
11 L Mike Buntin 28m 37s Steve Marriott 27m 32s
12 S Tom Holden 15m 28s Dan Beier 14m 57s
  Total  4h 16m 37s Total 4h 16m 02s
  Position 6 Position 5


National 12 Stage 2009 2010
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Ian Williams 27m 04s Ian Williams 27m 14s
2 S Dan Stimpson 15m 29s Jelle Verwer 15m 06s
3 L Martin Williams 26m 37s Martin Williams 26m 39s
4 S James Ratcliffe 15m 17s Nigel Stirk 15m 03s
5 L Phil Hinch 26m 36s Ryan McLeod 26m 19s
6 S Phil Clamp 15m 32s Mike Buntin 15m 32s
7 L Phil Nicholls 25m 39s Phil Hinch 26m 26s
8 S John Millington 14m 44s Ben Gamble 14m 54s
9 L Ian Rawlinson 27m 13s Phil Nicholls 26m 07s
10 S Nigel Stirk 15m 03s Ian Rawlinson 14m 51s
11 L Steve Marriott 27m 13s Mark Powell 28m 17s
12 S Mike Buntin 15m 21s Dan Beier 14m 58s
  Total  4h 11m 48s Total 4h 11m 26s
  Position 3 Position 2


National 12 Stage 2011 2012
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Adrian Holliday 27m 07s  Adrian Holliday 26m 26s 
2 S Nick Jones 14m 53s  Ian Mitchell 14m 53s 
3 L Martin Williams 27m 25s  Ian Williams 27m 19s 
4 S Ian Mitchell 14m 55s  Phil Hinch 14m 53s 
5 L Josh Lilly 26m 39s  Martin Williams 26m 44s 
6 S Nigel Stirk 15m 17s  Matt Granger 15m 03s 
7 L Phil Hinch 26m 51s  Ben Gamble 27m 19s 
8 S Ben Gamble 14m 58s  Dan Beier 14m 59s 
9 L Phil Nicholls 25m 48s  Mike Aspinall 26m 30s 
10 S Dan Beier 14m 50s  Ross Jones 14m 47s 
11 L Ian Williams 27m 28s  Neil Burton 26m 46s 
12 S Ian Rawlinson 14m 25s  Ian Rawlinson 14m 46s 
  Total  4h 10m 36s Total 4h 10m 17s 
  Position 1 Position 1



National 12 Stage 2013 2014
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L  Ian Mitchell 26m 34s   Richard Kay 25m 00s
2 S  Martin Williams 14m 47s   Dan Dalmedo 13m 36s
3 L  Matt Granger 27m 51s   Ian Rawlinson 25m 13s
4 S  Phil Wilson 15m 37s   Tom Holden 14m 10s
5 L  Phil Nichols 26m 35s   Josh Lilly 24m 40s
6 S  Richard Kay 15m 08s   Phil Wilson 13m 45s
7 L  Ben Gamble 27m 15s   Matt Granger 26m 44s
8 S  Steve Brooks 15m 38s   Liam Roberts 13m 35s
9 L  Oz Ellis 29m 58s   Mike Aspinall 25m 38s
10 S  Liam Roberts 16m 04s   Adrian Holliday 12m 57s
11 L  Dan Beier 28m 37s   Ian Williams 25m 55s
12 S  Nigel Stirk 15m 36s   Phil Nichols 13m 03s
Total 4h 19m 40s Total 3h 54m 16s 
Position 8 Position  6


National 12 Stage 2015 2016
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Ian Williams 27m 41s
2 S Gareth Griffiths 16m 31s
3 L Dan Dalmedo 29m 24s
4 S Tom Holden 17m 02s
5 L  Sean Byrne 29m 55s
6 S  Luke Vine 16m 36s
7 L  Ian Mitchell 28m 51s
8 S  Shaun Barnsley 17m 23s
9 L  Liam Roberts 29m 30s
10 S  Dean Bate 17m 08s
11 L  Oz Ellis 30m 25s
12 S  Harvey Maguire 16m 26s
  Total 4h 36m 52s Total
  Position 16 Position