125 Years Of The The National XC (29/02/2012)

This year saw the 125th running of the English National Cross Country Men's Championships. Over the past 125 years many clubs have made the top 10. We have done a simple analysis of the results from the championships to see just how the various clubs have performed. Find out how Tipton Harriers have faired. The analysis shows :-

  • The number of times a club has placed in the top 10
  • The number of times a club has placed in the top 3
  • The number of times they have won gold, silver & bronze medals
  • A club's best placement
  • A breakdown by decade (showing when they made the top 10)
  • A breakdown by century & post World War 2 (showing when they made the top 10)

The event has not been staged every year since it's inception due to the advent of war. In the very early years there were only a few clubs competing. The results show just how the fortunes of clubs can/has changed. The analysis has tried to give the name of a club as it is now. Some clubs have changed names, merged or morphed into others. Every attempt has been made to get this aspect correct. Some clubs have ceased to exist. In the early 20th century overseas clubs were allowed to contest the event as well as ones from the other home nations. This however did not continue for long.