Membership : What To Do

To join Tipton Harriers you will need to complete a Membership Application Form.

Please take care to complete all the required information, especially the contact details and emergency information as this could help us if ever the need arose.

If you are making a family application then please complete all the details for each member who is to be covered by the membership.You will need to print off a separate form for each family member.

Once complete you can post it along with a cheque (payable to "Tipton Harriers") for the correct membership type, together with a stamped addressed envelope, to :-

The Membership Secretary (Carol Smith), Awaiting Address Update

Alternatively you can hand the completed form and money in at our Reception Desk in the Foyer at the Tipton Sports Academy on any training night. Please mark any letter for the attention of the Membership Secretary (Carol Smith).