Indoors Roundup so far!

Some good results from our small group of representatives competing at the indoor meetings in Birmingham.
Midland Indoor Championships at NIA 20th January
Melinda Cooksey      2nd Senior Women 200m  24.44 secs.; 1st in Heat 60m 7.61secs
Mitchell Simms        4th Senior High Jump 1.90m
Martin Cherrington    6th U20 High Jump     1.80m
Steve Horton            3rd Final U20 200m 23.17s (heat 23.14s);  8th U20 60m 7.73 (heat 7.32s)
Jonathan Timmins    2nd Heat U20 200m 23.44s; 5th Heat 60m 7.55 secs.

Birmingham Games 2nd\3rd Feb
Melinda Cooksey       2nd Senior women 200m 24.45
Mitchell Simms          9th HJ 1.90
Steve Horton              3rd U20 Ht 200m 22.82; 1st Heat 60m 7.13 secs
Jonathan Timmins      6th U20 Heat 60m 7.47; 4th Heat 200m 23.38
James Lea                 2nd U20 Heat 23.47; 3rd Ht 60m 7.45
Manzu-lyn Cain          1st U17 800m 2.05.83
Tom Hinton                2nd U17 400m 51.23 secs.
Scott Wilson              6th Heat U17 60m 7.80s; 2nd U17 200mHt 25.01
Sadie Forrester-Hayles 3rd U15 Girls 60m 8.34;
Well done to all of our indoor athletes, particularly to Mel Cooksey, Steve Horton, Manzu -lyn Cain, and Sadie Forrester Hayles.