Stormer in Florence for Williams

Martin Williams and Nigel Stirk toed the line in the Florence Marathon on Sunday morning. Both were in their debuts at the distance but fast times were planned. Nigel finished in a massively creditable 2.30.18 for 14th place. After struggling with his calves in cold conditions from just a couple fo miles into the race this is a great run. Much more to come from Nigel no doubt.

Martin started fast and continued in the same vein, consitstenly knocking out sub 5.10 miling. He finished in with a superb time of 2.19.40 for 9th place. This is an absolute great run and payback for all the hard training. Mart's performance should be inspiration and motivation to all of us to show what can be done with consistent hard work. Well done to both and I think they're both planning to go for London in April.