National Junior League 26 July 2009

Well with going into our last meeting we was in 2nd place in the league with this being held at Tipton we did have that advantage of being at home, and didn't you all do us proud.

We would like to say a really big Thank You to all those athletes who competed for us you all put in 100% effort in your events and we know that a lot of you did maximum events on the day.

The competition was very close and it came down to the last race of the day to see who came out on top, with a superb win by the mens 4 x 4 team, we won the meeting. So this now means once again with all your hard work you athletes have done in the junior league this season we have finished 2nd overall and subject to confirmation this gives us another opportunity to go to the playoffs which is on August 30th 2009.

Also a really big thank you to all the hard work our officials did on the day.

Yours in sport
Marg + Alan Cherrington