Mens and Womens league

With this being the last meeting we knew it was going to be hard and it was, we did manage to fill the team sheets which is a plus but we couldn't gain enough points to enable us to stay division 3, we finished last on the day and unfortunately were relegated whilst it is sad when this happens we must be positive and look forward to next season and get back into division3, which we are sure we can do.

We would like to thank all the athletes who turned out for us this season your contribution was outstanding, but we do need more seniors to compete in this league, as a lot of the meetings athletes were having to do 4+ events, so if we get more to compete this would enable us to get better positions in events and not leave it to the few athletes to do lots of events which they can do, but is physically exhausting.

Lastly a very big thank you to all the officials who turned up to help us at these meetings.

Marg Cherrington + Tom Holden