Martin Williams 14th at Commonwealths

Martin Williams came in 14th at the Commonwealth Marathon early on Thursday morning. Running for Scotland in his second Major Championships of the year Martin went through 20k in in 68.18 (equivalent of about 71.55 half I think) right next to England's Ben Moreau and in 17th place.

Suffering with some short chaffing issues Mart struggled slightly in tha last couple of miles but finished in a solid 2.25.46 for 14th place. Conditions out there were tough and even though the race started at 6 in the morning it was 24degrees (75F for those old school) and rising with humidity at 72%. After struggling majorly with various ailments since Barcelona (first groin, then knee problems), Martin's build up was not what it might have been, so it was a really solid performance.

It's really awesome to see Mart's hard work paying off and just shows what can be achieved with commitment, and dedication.