National Road Relays Women's 4-stage

Thanks to Bob Lynch for the below report:

A dry race and quite warm until the sun went in. Not an easy job for the Tipton team selectors this one – a seriously depleted squad. Pregnancy, holidays, illness, injury, university were just a few of the reasons!  Anyway, they put together only one runner short of two complete teams and everyone ran their hearts out. Well done to all those who ran.

The first team of Cath Veysey, Lynne Cox, Amie Fithern & Sophie Lynch (back from Wales for the day) came in at 33rd  out of 69 teams – comfortably in the top half. Considering the problems, this was a good result. Lynne managed to improve on her September time by 23 seconds so well done her! 

The second team of Julie Caddick, Michelle Stevens and Sue Davies showed even more improvement with Julie knocking off 24 seconds, Michelle 37 seconds and Sue posting a personal best over this distance.  Julie is new to this event and at this rate she could soon be in the first team.

We’ve got to look forwards now to the Spring 2011 6-stages. Not long to go really and by then hopefully, the squad will be back to something approaching full strength.