I've Got A Train To Catch! (Loz Heathcock)

Whilst Seb Shepley was racing the Brecon Beacons to a fine 4th, I was in sunny Tywyn for the 28th RTT. Man, this was the toughest race I've done to date, pretty much a fell race although not in the high peaks of wales.

14 miles total distance with 2 on the road. The first 7 is pretty much OK, farmers fields mainly with a strong coastal wind pushing you inland, ok so far. However, from the turn at 7 you start climbing, with the terrain being sheep tracks and heavy clay mud to keep you company. You are running above the Talyllyn railway so you are pretty much on a slope for much of the route back to town. You come through Dolgoch Falls and on to the finish. The race was run in a biting cold wind and driving rain, I spent most of the last hour desperately trying to stay upright, which was a losing battle.

I didn't beat the train, in fact it beat me convincingly. Still, there's always next year. RaceTheTrain