Club Stalwarts (Women)

AW ran a poll recently on the best clubman over the past 25 or so years. They are now compiling the same for the women:-

"FOLLOWING the feature on the 100 greatest domestic harrier clubmen from the past 25 years, Will Cockerell is compiling a similar women’s list. Any votes, opinions and information would be welcome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

I repeat his piece that he used for the men that described his criteria.

AW has recently been inviting people to submit nominations for a listing of the top 100 male "Great Club Servants" from the past 25 years. This weeks AW contains the results. As Will Cockerell explains here :-

"I asked for your votes in these pages and online and I personally wrote to more than 100 respected figures in our community and many were kind enough to respond. I received long essays and dizzying stat attacks. My request was not simple, as I asked people to vote with heart and instinct. I wasn’t looking for merely the best 100 runners. Dave Taylor wrote: “Here is my list of gnarliest warriors.” That’s it – he got it. Also, longevity, consistency and loyalty were big factors. I have no qualms that a single athlete in this list does not belong, but I have plenty of qualms about the many hundreds who just missed out.

And no women? They deserve a separate list, and votes have already been received. My attempt to summarise a runner’s career into a couple of lines is a somewhat crass undertaking, but if not this then what? Nothing? It has been an honour to investigate some of these careers, and I have been awed by their breadth and scope."