2012 Rankings (27/12/2012)

The following Tipton athletes made the annual rankings published recently in AW :-


3000m - 39th Ian Rawlinson, 8m 08.73s

5000m - 40th Ian Rawlinson, 14m 12.34s

5000m - 43rd Neil Burton, 14m 14.50s

10,000m - 16th Neil Burton, 29m 56.79s

3000m S/C - 15th Ian Rawlinson, 8m 57.43s

High Jump - 23rd - Mitchell Simms, 2.05m (Indoor)

10Km Road - 11th= Neil Burton, 29m 31s

10Km Road - 13th Josh Lilly, 29m 32s

Half Marathon - 17th Phil Nicholls, 65m 15s

Marathon - 14th Mike Aspinall, 2h 20m 56s

Marathon - 16th Martin Williams, 2h 21m 13s

Marathon - 26th Ben Gamble, 2h 24m 45s

M60 1500m - 1st Mike Hager, 4m 41.51s (Indoor)


1500m - 36th Sarah Hood, 4m 18.81s

3000m - 33rd Sarah Hood, 9m 22.84s

3000m S/C - 11th Sarah Hood, 10m 24.94s

10Km Road - Sarah Hood, 33m 42s