Memories From "Benny" Goodman (21/06/2012)

One time member David Goodman has recently been in touch to say :-

"I have just spent a wonderful couple of hours (when I should have been working!), having stumbled upon the Tipton Harriers website. I ran for Tipton from the age of 15 (1965) to about 1972, making the first team in a couple of road relays (the Ridgeway springs to mind). I ran in the group headed by Keith Rollason, although nowhere near as good as he was!

I remember running in the first team in the Leicester to Northampton Road Relay. I ran the second leg, 4.5 miles, and after a couple of hundred yards (I later found) a piece of bone in my ankle broke off! I ran the rest of the leg on one good foot and the tip-toe of the other one so the team would finish.

I was delighted to see the photographs of the Centenary, with Ron Bentley looking very well indeed. I remember telling Ron, when I tried to train in the week following breaking my ankle, that it was hurting me to run. I didn't know at that time that it was broken, so did a 6-mile training run up round Dudley. When I got back I was almost in tears. Ron, probably the hardest man I have ever met, told me not to be so soft (or words to that effect!). I recall being so pleased when it was X-rayed and they found it was broken!

I had to give up running because I was studying to become a barrister. I took it up again years later, to help train my daughter and her friends at Cannock & Stafford AC, but don't run now.

Please accept my belated congratulations on the Centenary, and although I'm sure he won't remember me, please pass my very best wishes to Ron Bentley - he may remember me by my club-name of 'Benny' Goodman!"