Race The Train - Loz's View (18/08/2012)

Following on the earlier facts of Loz Heathcock's Welsh adventure he has kindly sent us this report:-

This race is around 14miles and covers the same route year on year. But, unlike most "races" the terms "pace judgement", negative splits", "mins per mile", are sadly deemed irrelevant on this course. (It may be different for those guys at the front battling it out for the prize money).

The first mile is easy enough, a wander down Tywyn highstreet then a sharp right uphill lung buster through the first farm, then onto ploughed fields for the next 5 miles until the turn just before Abergynolwyn Station.

From 6 to the end the runner is battered by short sharp climbs, steep downhill sections, slate steps which renders the athlete with hands on knees.

One minute you are at breakneck speed desperately trying to dodge the barb wire fences, then on a ridiculous camber trying not to slip onto your back.

You have to run single file at some points, with your eyes fixed firmly on where your feet are, one look up to the runner in front and that's it - down you go!

Oh yeah, then there's the knee deep bogs, if your legs aren't battered enough. Are you interested yet?

The last mile is on the road into Tywyn for a well earned goody bag, medal and t-shirt.

The train came in at 1hr 48mins, I missed it by around 4mins, but that's ok I was up 15mins on last years time.

I'd recommend this race to anyone who fancies a challenge, and something different. This is one crazy race!