WMYA XC League (16/10/2012)

Cheryl Nock provided the following update on the race held on 7th October.

Under 11 girls 7 girls took part they finished 9th overall first girl home for tipton was Megan Wincup in 7.46

Under 11 boys only 3 entered they finished 15th overall first boy home was Lyndon Hunt in 7.47

Under 13 girls 8 entered they finished 4th overall with Rosa Lewis first home in 9th in 8.39

Under 13 boys 5 entered they finished 6th overall with Ben Prince & Zac Westbury clocking the same time 1st & 2nd Tipton boys home in 8.46.

under 15 girls 9 entered they finished 4th overall with Isher Mander first home for Tipton in 13.55

Under 15 boys 4 entered they finished 10th overall with Tom Brown first home for Tipton in 12.16

Under 17 girls 4 entered they finished 9th overall with Annie Kibble first scorer home in 19.06

Under 17 men 5 entered they finished 3rd overall with Luke Vine 1st home for Tipton in 16.51

Well done to everyone who took part full results to follow.

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