Midland Women's Cross Country League - Race 2 (7/12/2013)

The women raced alone today with all the men's races elsewhere and it worked rather well. Sunshine too and a course that was very spectator friendly. What more could you ask for?

There were 6 Tipton lasses out today, including a welcome guest return to green and white by Sue Street-Hall. It was really pleasing to see how closely packed the Tipton runners were as they passed by the first time and this continued for most of the race. Amie lived up to expectations and was first Tipton counter in 21st. We then had Julie in 26th followed by Hayley in 33rd. Listening to these two discussing their various aches, pains and injuries, they sounded like they were in their sixties. I'm not sure that either should have run but both got pleasing results and obviously aren't quite ready to draw their pensions! Sue Street-Hall came in close behind Hayley in 35th and Lynne too at 37th. Sue Davies wasn't quite as on fire as last time but still got 51st.

Next Race 11 Jan at Droitwich. 


Bob Lynch