Boxing Day Handicap Review (07/01/2014)

Jon Shaw, who joined during 2013 sent in this picture and his observations on the Boxing Day Handicap.

Tipton -_John_Shaw_Boxing_Day

"I'd been meaning to send this in – It's a pic of me with the Boxing Day Handicap Trophy – the only photo missing from the set on the Harriers website. Thank Suzie Davies for the pic.

It was cold but great morning (I'll wear gloves next time) and I was shocked when Jeff said I'd won as I wasn't 100% sure how the handicap worked – I'll be back in December!

It rounded off a great year of joining the Harriers, plus – 3 x 10ks, 2 x Half Marathons, Sneyd Pudding 10 miler and 25 Park Runs. I've also made some great friends since joining and first time I've got ready for a race on a canal boat – thanks Penny (pre-Brum half marathon)

This was the highlight of the year and my dad (John Shaw) was chuffed too as he ran for the Harriers many moons ago.

Looking forward to shaking off my injuries and getting some more training in on Tuesday and Thursday nights this year (with Andy, Penny, Rich, Suzie, Amy & Co) and getting fit for the London Marathon in April. Thanks again. Jon Shaw