Track & Field League (24/04/2014)

Tom Holden, fresh from his Easter activities on the Manx Isle, appeals to the senior men's distance runners :-

"The birds are singing, cherry trees are blossoming, bunting is being erected and that waft of freshly cut grass is in the air. This can only mean one thing, the summer track season is upon us. By the skin of our teeth and sheer luck, we maintained our status in The Serveline (??) Midlands League Division 4. That means our opponents this year are: Banbury, Corby, Halesowen, Leicester, Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth. The dates and venues for this years league are:

Corby - Sunday 4th May
Tipton - Saturday 7th June
Sutton - Sunday 6th July
Banbury - Saturday 2nd August

Unfortunately there is currently a severe lack of information available from the Midlands, however, if we assume the same format as the last few years, it will be 5km / 2ksc at matches 1 and 3, 3km / 3ksc at matches 2 and 4.

I recognise that for some of you these leagues are of a relatively low standard compared to BMCs, but from a personal point of view I quite enjoy the less pressurised environment. At the shorter events (800/1500) there is always good competition from aspiring youngsters. It's the perfect opportunity to don glorious green and white and a chance to give something back to the club.

Have a look at the dates and let me know which ones you are available for (via email, facebook, twitter or 07738-273-345). It is normally a bit of a scramble the week before trying to fit names into empty slots, so it would be nice if I could pencil in some well in advance this year."