Gavin Tipper 5K (28/06/2014)

This is a great event commemorating Gavin Tipper. It’s an event where Juniors can compete and show the previous two generations how much they have learned from them. Being thrashed by under 16 young women is how evolution works! The race is also the grand finale of the DK beginners’ course, with a substantial number of people bravely and exuberantly racing for the first time. There are decent showers and beer in the rugby club.

It was a lovely sunny but not too hot, summer’s evening, complete with light breeze. The course was different this year – 3ish laps round fields with something for everyone – small hills, steep cambers and even a muddy puddle for those pining for the XC season.

There was much eager swiftness. Tipton men – Luke Vine and Steven Abrahams, led the way to first and second place. Tipton under 16 women took at least the first four places - Rosa Lewis, Eve Mulvaney, Bethany Walker (who had an injured leg) and Holly Mason, with more strong performances further down the field.

How did I get on, you might be wondering? My race prep was perfect – left work early, smooth (chauffeured) drive there, eat beetroot, peered at course, warmed up properly, selected the optimum shoes. I ran admiringly a bit behind fast and evenly paced Bethany Walker. I’m not in the results because I had a chip problem. The problem was I put it down and completely forgot to put it on….Many thanks to all issuing firm encouragement to run anyway when I realised at the last minute on the start line!