Telford Games Open Meeting

Simon Cooper reports,

On Saturday we travelled to Telford to take part in their end of season track meeting. I just made my race at 10am after terrible parking conditions, and after a quick change, spikes on I was on the track ready to take part in the first event of the day the senior and vets mile. Wiith no warm up I managed to finish an overall 3rd, taking the silver in the vets category in 5 min 06 seconds a quite disappointing time, but a race never the less. Joanne Cooper also competed in the senior 100m along with juniors, and was pleased to get the silver in the seniors, well done Jo. Courteney Cooper also took part in the u/15 girls 100m and 200m  not quite getting into the tough finals in either event but showing some promising runs for bottom of her age group, well done daughter.

At this time I would just like to thank Ray farmer who has let me join his training group, and train with his 400m lads to try and speed me up as I quickly get closer to 40.  With a summer plagued by injury, I hope to maintain these track sessions  and mix it with cross country and road racing through the winter to prep for next summer. I would also like to congratulate Jack Imray and Sam Farmer on their races on Saturday with Jack taking silver in the senior 400m, and Mitch running a personal best for the 400m.  John and Aaron both taking part in the 100m and 200m, all Ray's lads.

Thank you and well done all involved