Luke Cooper's Season

Since joining the disabilities group over a year ago, Luke has become a valued and dedicated member of Tipton Harriers.

Physical exercise and social settings have been areas of development that have needed a great deal of support and encouragement.  During Luke’s time in training and developing into an athlete, not only has he become healthier, he has gained confidence in himself and his own self-worth.  He is progressing all the time, building strength – physically, emotionally, socially and his whole well-being is noticeably positive.

Luke has now joined in with all other athletes, track and field, and has been accepted by all.  He is praised for his achievements and supported with his weaknesses.  He has gained the confidence to compete alongside his peers and has formed friendships, which are most vital to his development.

This season Luke has competed in the Triangular League and has won 2 bronze medals for shot put, setting a PB of 3m 34cm.

Further to this, on Sunday 14 September he competed as part of the Sandwell Team at the Regional Special Olympics - West Midlands, held at Alexander Stadium.

Luke took part in the following events,

Track – 100 metre sprint, position 5th

Field - 4kg shot, position 5th with a throw of 2m 73cm

However, after scrutiny by the officials they realised that Luke is a 10 year old boy, and they presented him with a GOLD medal as this throw had not been done before by a child.

Finally Luke took part in the 4 x 100m relay.  Luke ran the second leg and the team finished in bronze medal position.  This was a very eventful, joyful and emotional day for all.

Needless to say these opportunities have made our son a happy and more confident member of the club and he is progressing with a positive attitude towards all aspects of his development.  Luke has reached his targets and more.

To be included and appreciated, respected and understood, praised and rewarded, these are some of the many values that the club promotes.

Above all, patience and listening when individuals like Luke need to be heard.  Everyone is unique, we are all different and learn in different ways.  Recognising one’s qualities and nurturing them is what helps them grow.  This is a personal account from a very proud mother, the qualities described in this short letter, I’m sure any parent wishing to help their child develop as an athlete would want to hear.  I’d like to thank all involved for helping Luke on his athletic journey, and long may it continue.

I asked Luke, “Can you describe Tipton Harriers in two words?”

His reply, “Amazing” and “Awesome”