An Enigma (20/11/2014)

With the recent release of the film "The Imitation Game" based on the life of Alan Turing it is interesting to note that he was an athlete of some promise and Tipton have a tenuous connection.

During the Second World War he worked at Bletchley Park where he was assigned to a top secret team established to break the famous German "Enigma" cypher machine. Alan was to become credited as the father” of modern computing.

In 1947 when Jack Holden, from Tipton Harriers, won the AAA's Marathon at Loughborough a certain "A Turing" was 5th in a time of 2h 46m 03s.

Alan ran for Walton A.C. He also turned out in various handicap meetings after the war and also ran 15m 37.8 winning his club's three mile championship.Over 10 miles he recorded 54m 53s in 1947 and was 5th in the Kent 20 (2h 06m 18s).

He was not afraid to run over the country and competed in the 1947 English National at a snowbound Apsley. He placed 69th.