Sneyd - A View From The Side Of The Road (16/12/2014)

Thank's to Dave Payne for this write up on events at Sneyd.

"The morning brought a slightly warmer day with the frost gone, however the roads were still slippy and caution was needed.

It was the usual Xmas parade at Sneyd with reindeer, santa's and elfs, but more importantly it saw four very keen Tiptonites lining up on damp morning (Dean Bate, Susan Street-Hall, Penny Barber and Ray Stanier), with both Bate and Street rubbing shoulders with Commonwealth Triathlon Champion Jodie Stimpson on the warm up! It was the usual charge at the beginning with Bate and Street away cleanly. However drama ensued with both Stainer and Barber colliding with others and both end flat out on the road. Like true 'Tipton Tuffies' both got to their feet and resumed the race!!

For the first time there was five mile race put on by Sneyd Runners, with Street-Hall steaming home in first place well clear of the rest of the field in 32.50.

Meanwhile Bate stormed through the first half looking comfortable and well inside his pre-race schedule, also ahead of Stimpson the crowds favourite. Both Barber and Stanier cruised through the half way point with Barber putting in a surge to record a fast first 5!

The field was now well spread out and it wasn't long before Bate finished, crossing the line in 57.19, yet another PB. It was just over another ten minutes and the two early fallers came steaming through the line together with Barber just pipping Stanier and for all their efforts both claimed the V55 first places (Ed. - Penny has pointed out that Ray's chip time was actually one second quicker than her's - don't want to think Ray's getting slower in his old age!). Just to put it into perspective Barbers effort would have won her the V40 first place as she goes from strength to strength as 2014 comes to and end.


#tiptontuffies #swiftandeager"