Andy Holden Memorial Run

Tom Holden writes,

Hope you are all well and ready for Christmas.  It's coming up to the anniversary of my dads passing.  I've been thinking for a while of an apt way of commemorating this occasion and I can't think of any better way of doing it than through running.  My idea is that we have a mass gathering for an easy Sunday morning run from Tipton Sports Academy at 10-30am,  Sunday 4 January.  From the stories he used to tell the Sunday run was something he really enjoyed.  It is also something everyone can do, no matter what age or talent.  I would like to open it out to everyone, gender, age or club.  He came through the Birmingham Uni Club and had many friends from all the different local clubs and I know that many of his Sunday runs were done with members of other clubs in the area.  To include everyone we will need to have a variety of options on run distance and pace. I will lead a group, either Joe or Mike (or both) will lead a group and we'll probably have a few others (will work it out when I get a better idea of who's coming).  Afterwards Adam is going to put on some food in the social club so that everyone can mingle and catch up.

Firstly it would be great if you could all make it.  Secondly, I could do with your help spreading the message and promoting it.  Dave Payne has put together the attached flyer/poster which i will circulate around social media and has all the details, but there's no better promotion than talking to people.  Also if you have any ideas or thoughts let me know.