John Hill Clocks In (25/01/2016)

Following our recent feature with Alan Grice with the article on the Club's Boys Championship race in March 1968 from the Tipton Herald we have been contacted by John Hill, another mentioned in the same article and winner of the race reported. John was one of a similar age group with the club at that time. He recalls:-

"I am the John Hill mentioned in the report. I remember the days well as if they were yesterday.I still run against Alan in the league etc today. I currently run for Halesowen Athletic Club.

Unlike Alan I took a little time out of running, 17 years actually and restarted running at the age of 34 when I joined Warley Athletic. I ran for Warley for 9 years and later moved to Halesowen club in 2005

I am also now into Biathle [since 2003] and am part of the Great Britain squad. Biathe is a "run swim run" event of short distances.

I have been National, European and World champion in O/50 and O/60 age category in this event

I am now approaching the grand old age of 65 and looking forward to many years of running."