WMYA XC League (15/02/2016)

Sam Hale provides her usual detailed report on the race. Thank you Sam for all you have done this season. Keep the updates coming in.

Valentine's Day dawned bright, sunny and cold at Perry Park for the final match of the season. Ground conditions were good on this flattish course which made for some really fast races. I was very proud of each and every one of you.

Rosa Lewis was our only Under 17 Woman this time, she finished 10th with her best run of the season by far. Well done Rosa.

Next up were the Under 11 Boys again a small team but both boys made great starts in a very fast race and a field of 95. Joseph Lewis ran really well finishing 41st in a tight race, 2 seconds faster would have bought him 9 places. Well done to Cameron who ran well to finish 85th.

The Under 11 Girls team just gets bigger and better, there were 14 hooped vests on the line. The girls were lead home by Navanjot Sandhu finishing in a very impressive 9th place. Hot on her heels was Alex Westbury 11th. Jessie Walker ran really well to finish 20th followed by Jade Charlton in her best race of the season 28th. Sarah Dudley finished 30th in her very first run for the club, great running and she's still in year 4. Well done to Claire Parker 49th, Mya Woodward 69th, Kirit Bratch ( also in her first race), Grace Marnell 77th, Lottie Cooper 88th( first race) , Sophie Banks 89th, Bella Church 94th, Amber Williams 103rd and Millie Jellyman 110th. Team 3rd.

The Under 15 Boys were represented by Matthew Prole who ran well to finish 50th. Well done.

Monique Oladujoye, 28th, was first Under 13 Girl home for Tipton in a very spirited run. Phoebe Clark was 67th, Keeley Haddock 86th, Isobel Eagle 95th, Emily Taylor 99th and Abbie Judge 103rd. Great running girls and good to see more than a full team. Team 11th

Next up were the Under 13 Boys. Thomas Bentley continued his fabulous season to finish 5th. Lynden Hunt, 24th, and Alex Parker, 25th , battled it out all around the course, Michael Banks ran well to finish 52nd, Robert Stones was 72nd. Another full team, well done to you all. Team 6th.

The day finished with the Under 15 Girls race. We were sitting in 4th place in the league before the race just 2 points behind Wolves and Bilston so it was all to play for. Despite the best efforts of the whole team the medal wasn't to be. Bethany Walker ran a great race to finish 11th. Strong running saw Eve Mulvaney finish 22nd and Kate Farnell 25th. Megan Whincup was 44th, Sarah Henderson 54th and Tia Nicholls 66th. Great running girls. Team 5th.

A big thank you to all the athletes, family members and supporters for turning out this season. You were all swift and eager. A special thank you to the people who turned out for all five races.

End of Seasons Results WMYACCL - Tipton Team 9th of 21

Under 17 Women 9th

Rosa Lewis 11th
Megan Moore 42nd
Amelia Caddick 45th
Marianne Hughes 47th

Under 11 Boys 10th

Joseph Lewis 31st
Andrew Bartley 58th
Cameron Lomax 75th
Alex Hall 103rd
Brayden Hicklin 108th
Matthew Prole 150th

Under 11 Girls 5th

Navanjot Sandhu 7th
Alex Westbury 12th
Jessie Walker 18th
Jade Charlton 26th
Grace Marnell 48th
Mya Woodward 56th
Bella Church 84th
Amber Williams 92nd
Sophie Banks 110th
Amelia Parr 150th
Millie Jellyman 152nd
Sarah Dudley 153rd
Claire Parker 156th
Lauren Jinks 159th
Kirit Bratch 161st
Lottie Cooper 167th

Under 15 Boys 17th

Andrew Prole 85th
Ellis Gayle 90th
Stephen Hogan 101st
Jack Birch 109th

Under 13 Girls 10th

Monique Oladujoye 31st
Phoebe Clark 70th
Bella Fantom 76th
Isobel Eagle 96th
Abbie Judge 109th
Keeley Haddock 126th
Alexia Bennett-Cordy 130th
Emily Taylor 132nd
Mia Sneyd 191st

Under 13 Boys 7th

Thomas Bentley 5th
Haydn Watson 20th
Alex Parker 26th
Lynden Hunt 36th
Michael Banks 84th
Jack Cunningham 103rd
Robert Stones 111th
Joshua Hickman 142nd

Under 15 Girls 4th

Bethany Walker 13th
Savannah Causer 18th
Eve Mulvaney 24th
Megan Whincup 42nd
Sarah Henderson 43rd
Holly Mason 51st
Kate Farnell 70th
Tia Nicholls 85th
Rae Nicholls 96th

Photos awaited, if available.


Overall Season League Tables