Caradoc Classic (13/05/2016)

Fantastic turn out for the second fell race of the summer series in Shropshire.
Tipton results for Caradoc classic, Karl Lewis 28th, 1st m50, 31.20, Katie Dolan 47th, 1st u18, 33.51, Rob Sedgley 48th, 33.53. Bethany Louise Walker 53rd, 1st u16, 34.16, Mark Whincup 55th, 34.31, Eve Mulvaney 65th, 2nd u16, 35.11, Darren James Mason 66th, 35.17, Kate Farnell 89th, 3rd u16, 40.20, Bella Fantom 90th, 4th u16, 40.22, Mark Fantom 91st, 40.22, Paul Dolan 97th 41.53, John Stroulger 98th 42.07, Holly Mason 99th, 5th u16 42.52 Megan Whincup 100th, 6th u16 42.54 and Sian Reynolds 104th, 2nd u18 49.44. Tom Bentley won the junior race.


Caradoc 2016 1

Caradoc 2016 2