Aldridge 10K (16/06/2016)

Loz Heathcock reports,

Roughly 1500 years ago the Simile ‘Like a drowned rat’ appeared in the English language; ‘She came in from the rain and looked like a drowned rat’.

This came to me when I was looking back at the photos from Sundays Aldridge 10 provided by ever present snapper Brian Smith.

The race was run in torrential rain to start with then turned into a light drizzle, which in the end was probably welcomed by the runners as it was a humid, muggy morning with little wind.

Lots of surface water made taking a suitable line tricky, especially on the open roads with many opting for the pavement where possible.

This course has had many changes to it over the years, but the present one seems to have stuck. Not seen as being a fast course the Aldridge 10k always attracts a decent field with over 350 braving the weather this year.

‘Undulating’ rather than hilly, I’d suggest, although the reader may disagree. You haves ome testing sectors, up to 5k being one, but then from 6k you have a nice downhill which brings you to a sharp left hand, into a country lane and then it starts to wind its way up for about 2.5ks; 8-9k really putting on the pressure. The finish on the cricket green is a welcome relief.

As to the result, it was Jon Carter bringing the Harriers home in 4 th place with 34-22, with Shaun Barnsley 30 seconds back in 5 th . Richard Powell, Dean Hill and Loz Heathcock making the top 16. Lynne Hill, in 41-07 came home 3rd lady.

So, despite the weather, and being happy with the performance it was another raceticked off, some moving onto Gavin Tipper 5k, others looking forward to the BMC meeting on the 21 st , or both…