WMYA XC League - Round 3 (28/11/2016)

Sam Hale has been in touch to remind all young athletes and their parents that the third round of the league takes place on Sunday 11th December at Perry Park, Birmingham B42 2LR.

Meeting Timetable:

11.00 Under 17 Women 4000m
11.25 Under 11 Boys 1600m
11.40 Under 17 Men 4800m
12.05 Under 11 Girls 1600m
12.20 Under 15 Boys 3200m
12.40 Under 13 Girls 2500m
13.00 Under 13 Boys 2500m
13.20 Under 15 Girls 3200m

Sam says "We’ve made a really good start to the season so lets keep up the momentum. If you train lets see you racing, full teams out make a massive difference to our results.

Don’t forget you’ll need your club vest, spikes and warm and dry clothes for before and after your races. Lets be Swift and Eager. Deadline for any additional entries Saturday 3rd December, see Sam (Hale) if you’d like to compete."