Eligibility 09/2017 (10/10/2017)

Here are the approved "movements" from the past couple of months. We welcome those that have joined and wish those that have left good wishes.



Whilst on the subject of moving clubs we would like to again draw attention to a rule change that the Birmingham & District Cross Country League (Senior Men) have introduced with effect from the new 2017/18 season. The wording is as follows

“ Any individual athlete can only compete for one club in the season”

If you are considering moving to/from a Midland club that is affiliated to the League and want to run for your new club within the League during the League season (i.e. in any/all of the four races between November & February) then you need to consider a) when you plan to move and b) ensure that you do not compete for your old Midland club in any of the League races within the current season prior to the move.

The above rule would not apply if you are moving from a club outside the MCAA area or from a Midland club which is not affiliated to the League.

It remains to be seen if this rule has been clearly thought through practically and fairly as it could potentially penalise anyone who moves between Midland clubs within the League due to, for example, a change in work circumstance that necessitates a move in home during the season.

The normal EA change of club process would still need to be successfully completed.