Road Relays (14/09/2018)

With the Midland 6, 4 & 3 Stage Road Relays just over a week away (22/09/2018) we draw your attention to the various statistics we maintain on the various road relay & cross country championships that show our rich and proud heritage in these aspects of our sport. If you get a chance come along to Sutton Park and support all our men's & women's & young athlete's teams as we are sure they will appreciate a cheer.

The U13's start the days racing with the Boys off at 10.45am & the Girls at 10.50am. The U15's follow with the Boys at 11.35am and the Girls at 11.40am. The U17 Men are off at 12.25pm and the U17 Women head out at 12.30pm. The Senior Men & Masters begin at 1.15pm and the Senior Women start at 1.25pm.

We have a large number of teams entered across all age groups so the Park should be awash with green and white.

Major Championship Statistics

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