Books & Clubs (01/12/2018)

Here are a selection of athletics related books or subscriptions you may want to consider as a gift to an athlete this festive season. With each image there is a link to Amazon or to specific site from where the item may be purchased. There are other outlets available from which these can be bought.

Sydney Wooderson

This is a biography by Rob Hadgraft who has authored a number of athletics books on individual athletes. Here he chooses one of the most talented British athletes of the mid twentieth century.

Amazon Wooderson

Thurlow Interviews

Over the years David Thurlow sought out and interviewed many prominent runners and field eventers in the UK. These interviews were originally published individually in various editions of the NUTS "Track Stats" magazine. Here they are collated into one readible book form.

Lulu Thurlow

Running To Catch Up

This is about a runner from the Hull area and a his athletics career. Pete came over and ran in the Tipton 10.

Tipton Running To Catch Up Peter Flatman 0001 Edited

Dick Fosbury

This is the story of a unique American athlete who changed the face of high jumping in the 1960's. It has both tragedy and beauty.

Amazon Fosbury

Tom McNab

To some of you Tom McNab may be remembered as a famous athletics coach. He also wrote novels about our sport and its various disciplines. This is his latest offering to add to "The Fast Men" and "Flanagan's Run".

Amazon McNab

Johnny Muir

This is a homage to, and a description of, running in Scottish mountains and hills.

Amazon Muir

Irish Athletics

A curiosity of a book that covers the development of athletics in Ireland and some of its many succesful runners.

Amazon Irish

Julie Carter

This is a story of one woman's obsession with the fells and fell running which takes her through many challenges, successes and a whole host of other emotional journeys.

Amazon Carter

Roger Robinson

Amazon Robinson

Track In The Forest

This book chronicles the story of the selection & appointment of the US track & Field team for the 1968 Olympics. A stand out aspect is the stunning setting for track the final trials and acclimatisation. You have to see it to believe it.

Amazon Track

As an alternative you may like to consider "gifting" joining one of the groups associated with our sport.

BMC - British Milers Club

Fell Runners Association

Welsh Fell Runners Association

MMAC - Midland Masters Athletics

BASC - British Athletics Supporters Club

NUTS - National Union of Track Statisticians