Tipton In "The Diamond League" !

The latest edition of the BMC News (Volume 16 Issue 2, Winter 2019) carries a feature on Sarah McDonald, the Midlands based GB International.

Within the article it makes a few complimentary comments on the BMC races staged at Tipton and describes the athletes view that it is known as the "Tipton Diamond League". We like this.

Sarah ran her first sub 2 minutes 800m time at a Tipton BMC Meet this year before going on to later qualify for the World Championships in Doha at the official Trials in Birmingham.

Sarah is quoted as saying "I love racing the BMC's. I'll always go to Watford, always go to Tipton and its so much fun to race domestically. It's so reliable, you know to the minute what time you're going to race, everyone who goes to a BMC meet is there to support each other running quickly and the staff have always tried to help me set up races so I can run as fast as possible."

"....I have always used BMC races to prepare for major races like the trials, because I always like to do an 800 in the lead up, and lt's so much easier to go somewhere in the UK like Tipton or Watford, rather than having to fly to the likes of Timbuktu or Finland, for example."

Thank you Sarah and we hope to see you over in Tipton next year.