Books & Clubs 2019 (11/12/2019)

Here are some ideas for presents this Christmas season. The first is aimed at young readers and runners but is appealling to anyone interested in running & inspiration.

Tipton Xmas 2019 Book 05

The second features a select number of distance men who were both characters and pioneers in their field. From racing & training they changed the face of distance running within their era and thereafter.

Tipton Xmas 2019 Book 02

 This next one may strike a chord with some within the club with our rich legacy of ultra distance running and record breaking. It primarily focuses on the recent enthusiasms for ultra distance events.

Tipton Xmas 2019 Book 03

If you like such challenges then this guide to some of the most famous circuits may inspire exploration.

Tipton Xmas 2019 Book 04

Finally if you have ever tried to manage a group of runners as a Team Manager you may enjoy the following book. It is by the late Bob Smith of Newham & Essex Beagles and chronicles a phase of his athletics life managing the team at major events in the early 2000's.

Tipton Xmas 2019 Book 01

As an alternative you may like to consider "gifting" joining one of the groups associated with our sport.

BMC - British Milers Club

Fell Runners Association

Welsh Fell Runners Association

MMAC - Midland Masters Athletics

BASC - British Athletics Supporters Club

NUTS - National Union of Track Statisticians