Staffordshire T & F Championships


Saturday 14th May 2022 - At Northwood Stadium, Stoke on Trent, ST1 6PA

To Be Held Under UKA Rules

Dear athlete,

Thank you for entering the 2022 Staffordshire County Track & Field Championships, our first since 2019. Please note the following.

Registration will be open from 9:15am. Please collect numbers at least 45 minutes before your first competition. For track races, please report to the start team at least 10 minutes before the published start time. For field events please report to the competition area at least 20 minutes before the published start time to allow for practice jumps and throws.

Where heats and finals are scheduled, and 8 or fewer athletes register on the day, the final will be run at heat time.

We do not envisage changes to the attached details, but please check the timetables on arrival that will be posted around the stadium.



  • Medals will be awarded as follows,
  • 5 or more entries per event, 3 medals (gold, silver & bronze)
  • 3 or 4 entries per event, 2 medals (gold & silver), and only 1 medal if less than 3 entries per event.

Track Timetable

  Time Age Group Event  
T01 10:15 U20W/SenW 400mH (76.2cm) Final
T02 10:20 SenM 400mH (91.4cm) Final
T03 10:25 All Ages 3000m Final
T04 10:40 U13G 70mH (68.5cm) Final
T05 10:45 U13B/U15G 75mH (76.2cm) Final
T06 10:50 U17W 80mH (76.2cm) Final
T07 11:00 SenM 110mH (106.7cm) Final
T08 11:10 U13G 800m Final
T09 11:15 U13B/U15B 800m Final
T10 11:20 U15G 800m Final
T11 11:25 U17W 800m Final
T12 11:30 U17M 800m Final
T13 11:35 U20W/SenW 800m Final
T14 11:40 U20M/SenM 800m Final
T15 11:50 U15G 100m Heats
T16 12:00 U13G 100m Final
T17 12:05 U13B 100m Final
T18 12:10 U15B 100m Final
T19 12:15 U17W 100m Final
T20 12:20 U17M/U20M 100m Final
T21 12:25 U20W/SenW 100m Final
T22 12:30 SenM 100m Heats
T23 12:50 U13G/U15G 1500m Final
T24 13:00 U13B/U15B 1500m Final
T25 13:10 U17W/U20W/SenW 1500m Final
T26 13:20 U17M/U20M/SenM 1500m Final
T27 13:30 U15G 100m Final from T15
T28 13:35 SenM 100m Final from T22
T29 13:50 U15G 300m Final
T30 13:55 U15B/U17W 300m Final
T31 14:05 U17M 400m Final
T32 14:10 U20W/SenW 400m Final
T33 14:15 U20M/SenM 400m Final
T44 14:25 U15G 200m Heats
T45 14:30 SenM 200m Heats
T46 14:35 U13G 200m Final
T47 14:40 U13B 200m Final
T48 14:45 U15B 200m Final
T49 14:50 U17W/U20W 200m Final
T50 14:55 U17M/U20M 200m Final
T51 15:15 U15G 200m Final from T44
T52 15:20 SenM 200m Final from T45


  Time Age Group Event
F01 10:15 Under 13 Girls Long Jump
F02 10:15 All Male Ages High Jump
F03 10:45 All Female Ages Shot
F04 11:45 All Ages Javelin
F05 11:45 U15G / U17W / U20W / SenW Long Jump
F06 12:30 All Ages Triple
F07 13:30 All Ages Hammer
F08 13:30 All Ages Pole Vault
F09 14:00 All Male Ages Long Jump
F10 15:00 All Ages Discus
F11 15:00 All Female Ages High Jump
F12 15:00 All Male Ages Shot

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