A Tribute To LW "Steve" Stevenson (18/07/1988)

On July 18th 1988 Tipton Harriers lost yet another good friend with the sudden death of L W Stevenson or Steve as he was known to his many friends. We are all conscious of the successes of the Club over the past 20 years or so but perhaps not so many realise that without the new home provided for us at Gospel Oak in 1971 Tipton Harriers would hot have achieved these heights.

Steve first contacted the Club in the mid-sixties with the idea of uniting the leading sports Clubs in Tipton and providing facilities for the members to enjoy their sport. At that time we had just lost our old Headquarters in Sedgley Road West, Palethorpes having sold the land, and so the Committee jumped at the opportunity being presented. The idea was backed with enthusiasm and hard work by Steve's fellow Rotarians but without his flair for fund raising, his indomitable will to succeed and above all his unfailing and infectious optimism the dream would have never have become reality.

Although Steve's main interest was Cricket he soon became an enthusiastic supporter of Tipton Harriers and was eventually made a Vice-President of the Club, a fact in which he took great pride. His passing will leave a void in many organisations which will be difficult to fill.

(Written By Joe Gripton)