Centenary Reunion (10/10/2010)

Sunday 10/10/10 dawned bright and sunny and that was certainly the disposition of many who turned up at the reunion held at the Tipton Sports Academy for members of Tipton Harriers.

A large display featured photographs, facts and figures about the harriers. A rolling presentation was shown and there was the projection of a number of vintage cine films and video footage of the Harriers in action.

These were from the collections of the RRC, Mick Orton, Tony Phillips, Chris Holloway and Roy Langford. They included footage of the club in the early sixties, the performances of the ultra squad in the RRC London To Brighton, The Manchester To Blackpool Relays, The Comrades and features on Ron Bentley & the European Clubs XC Team.

We must thank Lucie Kerley and her colleagues at the MACE project for their help in converting these films into a modern day format that will allow the safe keeping of these valuable records of athletics in the 1960’s & 1970’s.

The day also saw the launch of a book that contains stories of the Club in its early years authored by Peter “Geno” Griffiths.

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Many travelled a great distance to join the likes of Keith “Killer” Rollason, Tony Burkitt (Colwyn Bay), Roy Poultney (London), Keith Boydon, George Johnson, Brian Cole, Ken Rock, John Severn, Ray Williams, Eric Silk amongst others.

Add in John Wheway, Allan Rushmer, Ray Fletcher, John & Julie Sheppard, Tommy Williams, Gloria Leek, Bob Andrews, Mick Elwell, John Haden, Stuart Eaton,  John O’Meara, Delroy Barnes, Bob Westwood, Finbar Costigan, Bryan Mills, Nicola Morris (nee Fletcher), Pete Boxley, Fred Tonks, Joy Henry, Paul Allen, Tony Coyne, Paul Magner, Alan Whittle, Brian Boyce, Roy Langford, Pete Griffiths, Lyn Lewis, Ron Bentley, Chris Holloway, Joe Gripton, Keith Atkins and have a look at the gallery for others. The current crop of Harriers was well represented with the likes of Kate Williams, Phil Nichols, Phil Hinch, Ian Williams & Martin Cherrington.


Photo's of the day


Also seen around the relay were the likes of Andy Holden, Paula Holden, Stan Jones, John  Satchwell, Aaron Keene with his son. Some brought along some their photographs to help the Centenary Project.

The day also featured many stalls and sideshows along with the 100 mile relay (run by ten teams) in addition to the display put on to tell the story of the club over its first 100 years.


There was significant interest shown in the footage shown at the reunion of the various events and escapades that Tipton Harriers took part in ably captured by Tony Phillips, Mick Orton and others. It is hoped that we will be able to make these available, subject to each of the owners agreeing, for purchase in the next few months. There are a number of other batches awaiting conversion and so more details will be available after Christmas, probably nearer the date of the planned formal meal in March.

There has been a suggestion that we hold a specific film night where we show more of these films in a formal way and get the likes of Dave Denton, Ron Bentley, Tony Phillips etc to relate first hand some of the stories that happened whilst on these trips. What do you think?