Flashback Summer 1986 (31/10/2012)

In recently working through some new material handed to us we came across a performance from the 1980's that has often been discussed (but had been lost over the years) by various coaches within the club from that era.

In 1986 the club went to the Midland Counties Women's AAA Championships (we think at Perry Barr possibly on 3rd or 4th May in conjunction with the Midland Combined Events Championship) with a young good quality girls squad and contested one of the last ever MCWAAA 4 x 800m relay events to be staged.

Ray Fletcher was one of the masterminds behind the group at this time along with the likes of Mick Elwell. Both had "taken up the reigns" through their young families getting involved and built on the foundation work laid by the late Brian Pickerill.

The girls won the event in a time of 9m 42.28s after recording 9m 49.76s in the heats. The girls involved were as follows with their split times added.

  • Alison Hubball - 2m 29.61s
  • Helen Rowe - 2m 25.86s
  • Sharon Hobbs - 2m 24.15s
  • Sarah Cutler - 2m 22.66s

The order of clubs in the Junior Ladies final was as follows:-

  1. Tipton Harriers - 9m 42.28s
  2. City Of Stoke A.C. - 9m 46.50s
  3. Coventry Godiva Harriers - 9m 55.00s

One wonders how they would compare with times posted by our squads today. Perhaps there's an idea for an event at the 2013 Tipton Games?