National 12 Stage - Tipton "A" Team Performance (2001-2020)

Here are the historical results since the year 2001 for the Tipton Harriers 'A' team in the National 12 Stage Road Relays (up to 2020) :-

National 12 Stage 2001 2002
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Stuart Hall 26m 30s Ian Mitchell 26m 23s
2 S Kevin Shepherd 14m 54s Alex Oldfield 15m 13s
3 L Matthew Smith 26m 19s Dan Rowan 27m 09s
4 S Sean Fenwick 15m 03s Kevin Lamb 15m 16s
5 L Simon Cotton 27m 08s Tony Graham 27m 22s
6 S Neil Caddy 15m 02s Kevin Shepherd 14m 35s
7 L Nick Jones 26m 44s Dan Robinson 26m 28s
8 S Seb Shepley 15m 17s Paul Moore 15m 11s
9 L Dan Rowan 26m 48s Stuart Hall 26m 43s
10 S Mick Hill 14m 40s Bryan Mills 15m 08s
11 L Nigel Stirk 27m 31s Sean Fenwick 27m 45s
12 S Danny Gibbons 14m 31s Aaron Keene 15m 32s
  Total  4h 10m 27s Total  4h 12m 45s
  Position  1 Position  4



National 12 Stage 2003 2004
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Ian Mitchell 26m 29s Matt Shaw 26m 34s
2 S Mike Buntin 15m 04s Mark Wright 15m 45s
3 L Matt Shaw 28m 04s Ian Mitchell 26m 03s
4 S Phil Nicholls 14m 47s Phil Nicholls 14m 21s
5 L Mark Morgan 26m 48s Nigel Stirk 27m 39s
6 S Martin Williams 15m 20s Paul Evans 15m 47s
7 L Dan Robinson 26m 07s Aaron Keene 29m 04s
8 S Paul Moore 15m 10s Bryan Mills 16m 26s
9 L Nick Jones 26m 46s Paul Rogers 29m 01s
10 S Simon Cotton 14m 50s Malcolm Eustace 16m 45s
11 L Stuart Hall 27m 04s Mike Hager 29m 12s
12 S Nigel Stirk 14m 33s John Sheppard 16m 19s
  Total 4h 11m 02s  Total 4h 22m 56s
  Position 2 Position 9


National 12 Stage 2005 2006
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Nigel Stirk 26m 53s Neil Burton 27m 19s
2 S Pat Kavanagh 15m 36s Tom Holden 15m 19s
3 L Martin Williams 26m 57s Luke Northall 28m 33s
4 S Phil Nicholls 14m 21s Joe Holden 15m 31s
5 L Luke Northall 28m 23s Phil Hinch 26m 57s
6 S Mike Buntin 15m 14s Mike Buntin 15m 28s
7 L Matt Lockett 28m 21s Martin Williams 27m 15s
8 S Simon Murcott 15m 49s Mike Hager 15m 49s
9 L Seb Shepley 29m 16s Phil Nicholls 27m 33s
10 S Mike Hager 15m 41s Mark Wright 16m 07s
11 L Pete Edmondson 28m 47s Pat Kavanagh 28m 30s
12 S Tom Holden 15m 24s Aaron Keene 15m 36s
  Total  4h 20m 42s Total 4h 19m 57s
  Position 11 Position 8


National 12 Stage 2007 2008
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Martin Williams 26m 24s Nigel Stirk 28m 47s
2 S Steve Marriott 15m 05s John Millington 14m 55s
3 L Phil Hinch 27m 07s Phil Hinch 28m 14s
4 S Luke Northall 15m 19s Mark Dalkins 14m 52s
5 L Phil Nicholls 25m 52s Martin Williams 26m 40s
6 S Mike Holden 15m 35s Dan Cotterill 15m 06s
7 L Dan Beier 27m 58s Phil Nicholls 25m 58s
8 S Simon Murcott 15m 40s Neil Burton 15m 37s
9 L Nigel Stirk 28m 01s Ian Williams 27m 58s
10 S Pat Kavanagh 15m 31s Tom Holden 15m 26s
11 L Mike Buntin 28m 37s Steve Marriott 27m 32s
12 S Tom Holden 15m 28s Dan Beier 14m 57s
  Total  4h 16m 37s Total 4h 16m 02s
  Position 6 Position 5


National 12 Stage 2009 2010
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Ian Williams 27m 04s Ian Williams 27m 14s
2 S Dan Stimpson 15m 29s Jelle Verwer 15m 06s
3 L Martin Williams 26m 37s Martin Williams 26m 39s
4 S James Ratcliffe 15m 17s Nigel Stirk 15m 03s
5 L Phil Hinch 26m 36s Ryan McLeod 26m 19s
6 S Phil Clamp 15m 32s Mike Buntin 15m 32s
7 L Phil Nicholls 25m 39s Phil Hinch 26m 26s
8 S John Millington 14m 44s Ben Gamble 14m 54s
9 L Ian Rawlinson 27m 13s Phil Nicholls 26m 07s
10 S Nigel Stirk 15m 03s Ian Rawlinson 14m 51s
11 L Steve Marriott 27m 13s Mark Powell 28m 17s
12 S Mike Buntin 15m 21s Dan Beier 14m 58s
  Total  4h 11m 48s Total 4h 11m 26s
  Position 3 Position 2


National 12 Stage 2011 2012
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Adrian Holliday 27m 07s  Adrian Holliday 26m 26s 
2 S Nick Jones 14m 53s  Ian Mitchell 14m 53s 
3 L Martin Williams 27m 25s  Ian Williams 27m 19s 
4 S Ian Mitchell 14m 55s  Phil Hinch 14m 53s 
5 L Josh Lilly 26m 39s  Martin Williams 26m 44s 
6 S Nigel Stirk 15m 17s  Matt Granger 15m 03s 
7 L Phil Hinch 26m 51s  Ben Gamble 27m 19s 
8 S Ben Gamble 14m 58s  Dan Beier 14m 59s 
9 L Phil Nicholls 25m 48s  Mike Aspinall 26m 30s 
10 S Dan Beier 14m 50s  Ross Jones 14m 47s 
11 L Ian Williams 27m 28s  Neil Burton 26m 46s 
12 S Ian Rawlinson 14m 25s  Ian Rawlinson 14m 46s 
  Total  4h 10m 36s Total 4h 10m 17s 
  Position 1 Position 1



National 12 Stage 2013 2014
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L  Ian Mitchell 26m 34s   Richard Kay 25m 00s
2 S  Martin Williams 14m 47s   Dan Dalmedo 13m 36s
3 L  Matt Granger 27m 51s   Ian Rawlinson 25m 13s
4 S  Phil Wilson 15m 37s   Tom Holden 14m 10s
5 L  Phil Nichols 26m 35s   Josh Lilly 24m 40s
6 S  Richard Kay 15m 08s   Phil Wilson 13m 45s
7 L  Ben Gamble 27m 15s   Matt Granger 26m 44s
8 S  Steve Brooks 15m 38s   Liam Roberts 13m 35s
9 L  Oz Ellis 29m 58s   Mike Aspinall 25m 38s
10 S  Liam Roberts 16m 04s   Adrian Holliday 12m 57s
11 L  Dan Beier 28m 37s   Ian Williams 25m 55s
12 S  Nigel Stirk 15m 36s   Phil Nichols 13m 03s
Total 4h 19m 40s Total 3h 54m 16s 
Position 8 Position  6


National 12 Stage 2015 2016
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Ian Williams 27m 41s  Sean Byrne
27m 42s
2 S Gareth Griffiths 16m 31s  Tom Holden
 16m 32s
3 L Dan Dalmedo 29m 24s  Ian Mitchell
27m 58s
4 S Tom Holden 17m 02s  Gareth Griffiths
16m 22s
5 L  Sean Byrne 29m 55s  Mike Apinall
27m 05s
6 S  Luke Vine 16m 36s  Luke Vine
15m 48s
7 L  Ian Mitchell 28m 51s  Ian Williams
28m 15s
8 S  Shaun Barnsley 17m 23s  Aaron Brown
16m 26s
9 L  Liam Roberts 29m 30s  Joe Smith
28m 57s
10 S  Dean Bate 17m 08s  Chris Gillespie
16m 40s
11 L  Oz Ellis 30m 25s  Stuart Hawkes
29m 01s
12 S  Harvey Maguire 16m 26s  Jon Carter
16m 35s
  Total 4h 36m 52s Total 4h 27m 21s
  Position 16 Position 13


National 12 Stage 2017 2018
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L  Lee Slater 28m 02s  Joe Smith 27m 49s
2 S  Paul Hammond 16m 34s  Phil Wilson 16m 28s
3 L  Ben Gamble 27m 34s  Peter Brookes 27m 11s
4 S  Tom Holden 17m 07s  Nick Hardy 16m 25s
5 L  Gareth Griffiths 28m 22s  Martin Williams 28m 20s
6 S  Phil Wilson 16m 38s  Aaron Brown 16m 21s
7 L  Mike Aspinall 28m 46s  Richard White 29m 17s
8 S  Aaron Brown 16m 34s  Tom Holden 17m 04s
9 L  Dean Bate 29m 24s  Jon Carter 26m 43s
10 S  Gary Whitehouse 17m 38s  Harvey Maguire 16m 22s
11 L  Karl Welborn 30m 21s  Stephen Corbishley 29m 51s
12 S  Ian Williams 16m 28s  Luke Vine 18m 02s
  Total  4h 33m 28s Total  4h 29m 33s
  Position  22 Position  14


National 12 Stage 2019 2020
Stage Type Name Time Name Time
1 L Peter Brookes 27m 58s  NOT HELD
2 S Neil Hardy 16m 41s  NOT HELD  NOT HELD 
3 L Tom Bains 27m 47s  NOT HELD NOT HELD
4 S Tom Holden 16m 58s  NOT HELD  NOT HELD 
5 L Joe Smith 28m 22s  NOT HELD  NOT HELD 
6 S Phil Wilson 16m 29s  NOT HELD  NOT HELD 
7 L Rich Carpenter
 28m 26s  NOT HELD  NOT HELD 
8 S Adam Soley  16m 50s  NOT HELD  NOT HELD 
9 L Martin Williams  28m 37s  NOT HELD  NOT HELD 
10 S Luke Vine  17m 18s  NOT HELD  NOT HELD 
11 L Ian Williams  28m 56s  NOT HELD NOT HELD
12 S  Steven Corbishley
16m 55s  NOT HELD  NOT HELD 
Total  4h 31m 17s
Position  19 Position  NOT HELD