National 12 Stage Statistics (2020)

Each of the following files contains information as to how the various clubs, areas, times have performed or changed over the years. We have looked only at the top 10 teams each year.

When viewing the information please take into account that the specific conditions change year on year. Weather is always a factor. The course, particularly in the early days, may have been held with slightly different start/finish/turn around points.

Where club names have changed we have endeavoured to log it under the "current" known name.

Finally we have probably made other  mistakes for which we apologise in advance!

  • Area Analysis
    • This shows the number of times that a club from an area (i.e North, Midlands, South, Wales & Scotland) has made the top 3. (Data from 1967)
  • Top 3 Placings
    • This shows the clubs that have made the top 3. (Data from 1967) 
  • Top 10 Placings
    • This shows the clubs that have made the top 10. (Data from 1967)
  • Clubs By Decade
    • This shows for each decade, how many times a club has made the top 10. (Data from 1967)
  • Top Times
    • This file lists the top times and estimated average pace (based on stage lengths) at the event. There may have been some variation of the stage lengths in the early years (probably pre 1980) but no attempt has been made to establish when these occured as records do not seem to exist.
    • Note that in 2014 the course changed significantly for both long and short stages. (Data from 1972 onwards only)
  • Club Summary
    • This shows, for each club that has made the top 10, the year, position & time. (Data from 1967)
  • Club Summary By Year
    • This shows, for each club who made the top 10, just where they placed across the years since the event started. (Data from 1967)
  • Tipton Only
    • This shows only the performances of Tipton teams over the years. (Data from 1967)
  • Tipton "A" Team
    • This just shows the times/order of the Tipton "A" Team since 2001.
  • Tipton Summary Statistics
    • This summarises the number of Gold, Silver & Bronze medals that Tipton have won.
  • Top 10 Results (Complete Data)
    • Warning this is a very large file (over 7MB). This lists, for every year since 1967, the top 10 teams, their runners, times, long & short stage variances and average pace etc.