Photographic Archives

We have started to release the various materials we have gathered or been given. Follow the links given below. (The information after each link shows the version number and date that the images were last uploaded.)

The images come from many personal collections as well as specific research activities and the content covers many subjects including - individual athletes, portraits, race action, social functions and facilities.

They range in quality from excellent to poor but have been all have been included for completeness and/or for historical interest.

For each photograph where there are many people involved we have included three versions - one the original photograph, a second showing the same photograph but with index numbers to assist indentification and finally an index sheet(s) where the people are listed and any details known about the year/era, venue etc.

Some of the galleries contain just a few images others over a hundred. In time we may split these larger ones down. You may also find that some images appear in more than one gallery.

In some galleries we have included the content of scanned documents that we have been loaned or given that have significance to Tipton Harriers. 

We would like your help to to improve this historical collection.

If you can identify anyone that we have no name for or correct any errors we have made please use the following form. Please include the following :-

a) The name of the photographic collection

b) The slide number of the image/page which you are submitting information (this is located in the bottom right hand corner of each image in pale grey)

c) The details that you are submitting - please include the index number(s) of any of the people you are able to name.

Once these have been considered and accepted any amendments will be made and a new version of the collection will be uploaded in due course.


Decade Link Version Date Notes
The Early Years (1910-1930's) Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
1940's Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
1950's Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
1960's Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
1970's Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
1980's Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
1990's Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
2000's Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
2010's Gallery 1.0 28/10/2011 New


Specific Subjects/Themes

Subject/Theme Link Version Date Notes
Young Athlete Groups (Inc. Walton's & Wood's) Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
Athletes, Officers, Officials & Friends Gallery 1.0 28/10/2011 New
The "Chasps" On Tour! Gallery 1.0 28/10/2011 New
Ultra Distance Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
Facilities, Headquarters & Athletics Equipment Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
Sedgley Sports Gallery 1.0 10/10/2011
The 1934 National XC Championships, Himley Park Gallery 1.0 10/10/2011
European Clubs XC & Road Championships Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
Club Badges, Shields & Medals Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
Jack Holden's 80th Birthday Celebration Gallery 1.0 10/10/2011
Fixture Lists, Membership Cards & Rules Gallery 1.0 10/10/2011
Cartoons, Charicatures & Poems Gallery 2.0 28/10/2011 Updated
Presentation Night (Date Unknown) Gallery 1.0 10/10/2011