Throwback Thursday (01/10/2015)

This edition is another from the archives of Derek Davies. Derek sent in this shot of a start of a race. We are unsure what the race was. We suspect that it may have been a road race held in conjunction with a sports meeting that started on the track.

Tipton - Derek Davies Images 0003 Edited

Heading the field is Ron Bentley (No.22). Ron has identified fellow club members Arthur Fellows (No. 20) and Don Osborn (No. 21) also in the field both wearing Tipton Harriers vests. Arthur, the third of the Harriers from the right, has a large cloth club badge sewn on the front.

The rear of the photograph indicates it was probably held in Gloucestershire. The photograph may have been carried in the Gloucester Citizen of the Gloucester Journal. We think it could be from the Mitcheldean 14 race held from the Rank Xerox Sports Ground in Mitcheldean.

If anyone can identify other runners, the race, venue or the year we would be very interested - contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.