Throwback Thursday (07/01/2016)

This time we feature an old newspaper cutting which includes mention of one of the Club's longest active athletes, Alan Grice. The clipping is taken from a copy of the Tipton Herald in March 1968.

 DSC08164 Edited Grice

The article has been transcribed here for ease of reading

Trophy Award For Tipton Harrier

On Saturday John Hill notched up his fourth consecutive win in the Tipton Harriers Boys Championships.

This was the final event in the Championships and as champion John will be awarded the AJ Abraham Trophy which was donated to the club by its first Secretary back in 1910.

This final 2 mile race was no pushover to John as his close rival, Alan Grice, made repeated efforts to break away and only over the last 200 yards to the new champion gained the lead to win by about 6 yards.

13 years old Stephen Saunders ran his best race yet to lop 31 seconds off his previous best time.

Results : 1st J Hill (John) 10m 22s; 2nd A Grice (Alan) 10m 23s; 3rd M Taylor (Mike) 10m 34s; 4th D Andrews (Dave) 10m 38s; 5th P Wallace (Paul) 11m 09s; 6th A Mantle (Alan) 11m 17s; 7th C Gitting (Carl) 11m 19s; 8th S Saunders (Steve) 11m 24s.

Championship Results: 1st J Hill 48pts; 2nd A Grice 42pts; 3rd M Taylor 41pts; 4th D Andrews 38pts; 5th P Wallace 31pts; 6th A Mantle 22pts.

Alan is still competing the Masters categories. Can anyone shed an light on the other names that ran that day and what happened to them? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.